Monday, February 25, 2008

March President's Letter

Hello MOMS,

I can't believe it's already March! Spring is going to come, and then you'll blink and it will be summer again. It's funny how fast time flies when we're caught up in the day to day of our lives. Spring time brings some exciting times to MOMS Club, and to moms all over. For many of us, it's the time of year to start thinking about school for next year. Crazy, but true. Preschool start enrolling in March, and as you can see by our Question of the Month in this issue of the newsletter, that's a topic on the minds of many moms. It's also the time for Kindergarten registration. I have done this before, but I am still nervous and excited about going through the process and sending my little man off to Kindergarten in the Fall.

Not only is it time to start thinking about school for next year, but for MOMS Club Moms, it's time to think about running for a board position for next year. Our nominating committee will start working in March to gather the names of interested MOMS, and we'll announce them at the April Meet & Greet. In May, we'll hold our elections and the new officers will get inducted at our End of the Year Celebration in June. After serving on the board many times, I always get excited as we head into election season for MOMS Club - it's great to have a chance for all of our MOMS to get involved, either running for the board, or for a committee “chairmom” position. Look inside this newsletter for more info on the election process as well. For those of you who want a break from all that seriousness, we have a ton of fun activities planned for this month, too. We are having a Chocolate Making moms night out - just in time for Easter, the babysitting co-op ready to roll, and we'll have our introductory meeting this month as well. Wednesday after school activities, a Jello party, a trip to a new play place - Rainy Dayz, motor club to Ikea, and even the beginning of our new book club are all fun and exciting ways to spend this month!

Have a great month,

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