Friday, October 10, 2008

Apple Fest!

It's Fall! This week the Moms Club of South Hill celebrated by hosting an Applefest!

Applefest was a chance for Moms and kids to enjoy the fresh fruit of the season in all kinds of yummy ways!

The kids cored apples (with some help from the Mommies:) and set them out to dry on our special apple dryer. Then we picked some apples from the backyard to make apple necklaces.

The dried apples were a huge hit with kids and Moms alike!

With their tummies full, the kiddos played together while the Mommies sipped on Mulled apple cider and munched on Baked Apples and Apple crisp, enjoying some much needed chat time!

If you are a Stay-at-Home mommy in the zipcodes of 98373 (south of 512), 98374 or 98375, don't miss out on any of our fall fun! Contact us at to come check out an event! We have lots of fun Halloween activities planned and are looking forward to working on our Thanksgiving service project! Hope to meet you soon!

Friday, October 3, 2008

October President's Letter

Happy Fall Ladies,

This is my favorite time of year. I love the change in the weather, the falling leaves and the routine that is happening as the kids settle into school, which by the way, my boys are loving. October is a big month for my family. We have a few birthdays and my anniversary is this month. Doug also takes two weeks off every year to spend with the family. This year will be a little different with both boys in school, but hopefully we get some organizing done in the house. (It’s a thought.)

As always, we have a great calendar this month. We have a lot of fall-themed events. One of our favorites is the game night. This is always a huge success, and we have a ton of fun. We also have a pumpkin patch tour, pumpkin decorating, and much more.

Don't forget to use the search engine to do all of your searching and purchasing. We will not benefit much this year, but next year we should be able to use it to help with our service projects. Right now with the economy the way it is, it’s so hard to help out where it is needed because we are all feeling the crunch, too. So every little bit helps. If you have an idea for raising money for upcoming service projects, please let me know. We have applied for grants, but as we know, they are not guaranteed.

I hope you all have a great month, and I hope to see you at the upcoming events!

April Bankord
Moms Club of South Hill chapter