Friday, February 1, 2008

Happy February, MOMS

Valentines Day is around the corner, and it got me thinking about the different ways we love, and the many people in my life that I love.

There is husband love - and sometimes that is the hardest to keep fresh and strong when you have a few little kids running around, dishes to be done, meals to be cooked, and laundry piling up. It's an important one, though! My mom always told me that the best gift you can ever give your kids is the example of a strong marriage to look up to. Letting your kids see how a happy relationship works sets them up for happy relationships as they grow up. She also used to say that some day, even though it feels like it's lightyears away, your kids will grow up, move out, and move on... and you are left alone with your spouse, so you better hope you still not only love each other, but really like each other, too!

There is Kid Love - and I think that is the easiest of all, and takes the least amount of work. We all know there are days that they drive us nuts, and we think they are crazy little munchkins and wonder how we'll get through the next 10, 15, or 18 years... but they give us that big grin, cuddle up on our laps, and all that intense love comes right on through us. They are a part of us, and there's no way to turn that love off!

There is also Friend love - and that's the one that I think is the most fun for us Stay at Home Moms. We get to form these bonds with each other, and relate to one another in a way that is so hard for other people. It's so nice to know that when you show up at a MOMS Club activity when you're having a hard day, or just going through a phase that is stressing you out that you'll have a group of other moms that know what you're going through. Having that kind of understanding and support is what MOMS Club is all about.

One way we can show our MOMS Club family how much we "Luv" them is to participate in our chapter's annual "Luv" fest! If you remember back to October when we "Boo'd" each other, it's the same idea. At some point, during the first two weeks of February, you will be Luv'd by another member. When you get your special treat, it's your job to pass that MOMS Club Luv on to two more members and show them how much you appreciate them with a small token on the porch. Remember to keep it anonymous and enjoy the fun!

We have some fun activities coming up this month, too - We're going to check out a new jumping/play place in Sumner, Jumpin' Jack and Jill! MNO is going to be fantastic, one of our members is going to teach us a Zumba class. For those of you who haven't tried it, it's a fun latin inspired dance class that is great for all abilities, even me, and I am VERY uncoordinated!!!

We also have a speaker coming to our Meet and Greet, Prof. Greg Brazell from Pierce College Early Childhood Education department is going to come and give a presentation on childhood brain development. It's going to be really interesting and informative, so I hope everyone can make it!

I wish you all a very happy and fulfilling February - and I hope each of you takes the time to think about all the people - and the ways - that you love in your life, and enjoy them this time of year!

Jill R. - President

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